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Career Advisor


Greetings, students!

As the department’s career advisor, I’m responsible for every student’s problems in career planning and preparation for entering the workforce. I’m here to help counsel and solve problems for each of you.

Finding a good job in today’s environment where most candidates are college graduates or above requires professional skills and knowledge differing from others to rise above the fold. As you are near graduation, some academically gifted students may choose to continue their education while other students may choose to enter the job market.

I believe that students first entering the workforce will deeply experience the difference between the academic and work environment; sometimes, your job roles will differ greatly from what you’ve learned in school. In truth, even veterans of the workforce face many challenges and competition, requiring them to continue in self-improvement to be competitive and keep up with the times.

Therefore, as your career advisor I would like to give you a piece of advice: “before stepping into the workforce, you must be totally prepared”.

First, you must build a solid foundation while at school in order to develop your other talents.

Second, pay attention to the pulse and labor requirements of industries. You can use the “Career Portfolio” on the Learning and Career Development website to study current market conditions and gain an earlier understanding of what types of skills are needed to better prepare yourself before graduation. If you find deficiencies in yourself, you may self-study, learn from faculty, or even attend external classes to further your talents.

Third, strive to obtain licenses and certifications. Participate in TOEFL, GEPT, software certification exams and more as they will be greatly beneficial in increasing your competitiveness.

Finally, if you have any questions in career planning, please use the department’s scheduled hours to meet me and have a talk.

Request for Counseling: Department talks


Name:Wen-Ling Chan

Lab: IB02

School Extension: 20102

Counseling Hours: Every Tuesday and Wednesday 10:10-16:00 (please make an appointment in advance)