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Student Practical Training Committee

Main regulation policy of setting up the “Student Practical Training Committee” of the Department of Bioinformatics and Medical Engineering of Asia University
In order to implement the quality of practical learning, the "Student Practical Learning Committee” (hereinafter referred to as the Association) of the department is established in accordance with Article 6 of the school's “Student Practical Learning Implementation Measures”.

The Association is composed of deans, three to five teacher representatives, and one student representative, with the dean serving as the chairperson. In addition to regular meetings, the Association may also convene temporary meetings in case of student internship complaints, disputes or urgent cases.

The duties of the Association are as follows:
(1) Planning and promotion of off-campus (including overseas) internships and 7+1 internship courses of the department.
(2) Selection of internship cooperative institutions and internship opportunities.
(3) Drawing up written contracts and individual internship plans for students.
(4) Students are not adapted to training and provide guidance for the students to switch internship units.
(5) Handling of student complaints and disputes.
(6) Evaluation of the effectiveness of the internship.
(7) Follow up, process and review the results of student internship counseling visits.
(8) Review of student emergencies, work safety and occupational disasters, and labor rights and interests.
(9) Handle and review of overseas internship planning and cooperation agreement.
(10) Other matters related to the protection of student rights and interests.

This regulation policy was approved by the department faculty meeting, and have the department head to issue it for implementation after approval, and the same applies when it is revised.