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Overseas Study


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Asia University is actively obtaining the exchange study opportunity with overseas sister universities to increase students’ experiences. After bonding as sister universities with top university in Malaysia, University of Malaysia, in 2010, both schools are establishing a solid corporation relationship. In the summer of 2011, we sent an exchanging learning group to Malaysia for short term study. In 2012, we expand the program that there were 6 students from the Department of Biology and Medical Information participated in overseas study activities to attend an intensive 54-hour a month courses in bioinformatics. The participants expressed that they had great rewards in a professional field, English, and international perspective after attending the study activity. In addition, to be thankful to the school holding this activity, they also encouraged underclassmen to take the chances to see the outside world. They must have great rewards.

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Short-term overseas study brochure 

A short-term study in University of Diponegoro:

WU ZONG-XIAN,  Tasi Jia-Hua

A short-term study in University of Malaysia:

Wang Yi-Ting,  Wang Yao-Shen,  Lin Yo-Xiu,  Chang Chia-Hao,  Dai Pei-Rong