German medical doctors come to Asia University for exchange and study!---

  • 2021-05-07
  • 網站管理員 奕安
German medical doctor Veit Babak Hamun Akbari, visited Asia University for six months and participated in developing and designing medical products in Biodesign Lab.
Medical Doctor Vite Babak Hamun Akbari, from Heidelberg, Germany, was granted a Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP) subsidy from the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. He studies with the principal investigator, Dr. Chi-Wen Lung, in Biodesign Lab, Department of Creative Product Design of Asia University for six months in 2021.
Dr. Akbari studies at Dr. Chi-Wen Lung's Biodesign Lab since February 2021. The Biodesign Lab, founded in 2010, is one of the world’s leading research and academic organizations. Unconstrained by traditional disciplines, industrial designers, biomedical engineers, and scientists strive to create biomedical technologies and experiences that enable people to understand and transform their health. Dr. Akbari works with other international students on artificial intelligence, robotic arms, and soft tissue mechanics.
Professor Yinghui Chen, Dean of the International College, said that the grants of the Ministry of Education invited outstanding young students from advanced countries and upcoming countries with development potential to come to Taiwan to learn about educational and academic resources. Asia University received nine grants in the last two years. After the monthly experience, most international young people will choose to stay at Asia University to continue research for the master and doctoral programs.
"With his German and medical background, Dr. Akbari will take the initiative and find a solution when encountering problems!" Professor Chi-Wen Lung pointed out. Because the current laboratory students come from different countries, each student has his academic backgrounds and collaboration very well.
Dr. Akbari has been staying at Asia University for three months. Under the guidance of Professor Chi-Wen Lung, he has participated in artificial intelligence and muscle ultrasound imaging research. The results have been published in international journals. In robotics, together with WISE-TECH ROBOT (Kaohsiung) and FUN ROBOT (Taichung), they will develop and research to control the robot arm via the forearm muscle signal. With a German medical background, Dr. Akbari wishes to applied  Taiwanese engineering to create an easy-to-operate robotic arm. In the field of soft tissue mechanics, he discussed with Dr. Song Wang from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asia University Hospital, evaluating the effectiveness of cupping. Dr. Akbari said that Science and Technology at Asia University with a mature R&D environment could be incubated and medical products design. He was also impressed by the friendliness and enthusiasm of the administrators, teachers, and students of Asia University.
Dr. Akbari is currently participating in "Elementary Chinese Reading and Writing" under the guidance of Teacher Lih-Ching Huang, hoping to increase his ability of Mandarin to experience more customs and culture in Taiwan. Dr. Akbari also has a profound Chinese name, AN HUAIDE (安懷德), which indicates that he is from Germany.
Quanxin Lin, a master student who cooperates with Dr. Akbari in the lab every day, said that in addition to being punctual and rigorous, he could also see that Dr. Akbari shows the independent character of the Germans! Professor Chi-Wen Lung noted that for various studies, Dr. Akbari could test by himself first and then discuss with the professor or classmates after getting the results. This feature makes the research smoother and increases the educational value.
A group photo of Professor Ying-hui Chen, Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Asia University (from left), with Dr. Vite Babak Hamun Akbari, and Professor Chi-Wen Lung. Professor Chi-Wen Lung (from right) and members of the research LAB, including Quanxin Lin, Wei-Cheng Shen, Vite Babak Hamun Akbari, Sunardi, Fahni Haris, and Peter Ardhianto.
Vite Babak Hamun Akbari (from left), a group photo with teacher Hui-Chang Hong from FUN ROBOT (Taichung), Professor Chi-Wen Lung, and members of the research team. Vite Babak Hamun Akbari (from right), Professor Chi-Wen Lung, and Ph.D. student Wei-Cheng Shen develop and design a soft tissue ultrasonic measurement device