Featured Curriculum


Inter-discipline course arrangement

The courses include basic courses of College of Information (15 credits, required department-wide), core courses (33 credits, required department-wide, including biotechnology, chemistry, and information), bioinformatics program (24 credits, required for bioinformatics group), medical information program (24 credits, required for medical information group). Cross field programs for College of Information: medial cloud program (18 credits), cloud computing program (15 credits), and convergence of platforms and applications program (15 credits). The course arrangement is both basic and profound, including cross-field elements so that the students can have cross-field skills after graduation.


Emphasize on practical training

Program design ability and practical project research is the graduation threshold of the Department. Each student is required to pass the program design test before graduation. In the meanwhile, students must choose one advisor in junior and senior years for practical project research which should be written in a dissertation and approved. In order to encourage students to conduct practical project research and reward the excellent result, the Department holds an undergraduate graduation practical project research competition. Students make a poster and present the results, which will be graded by teachers. Outstanding students will be selected and awarded, as well as represent the Department to attend outside school information competition.

Besides practical project research, the Department encourages students to take part in an internship in the company. Now, we have signed an internship agreement with China Medical University Hospital: both the Taichung Branch and the Annan Branch. Students with interest can be part of an internship in the information sector of the hospital to gain practical experiences.


Professional certification advisory

In order to strengthen the employment competitiveness and shorten the distance between practical and academic, the students are encouraged to obtain professional certification before graduation. Those can be English proficiency certification and department-related medical information management, medical information analyst and other information certification. To help students obtain the certification, the Department opens free medical information management programs. The university and College of Information also open English and information certification courses to help students obtain them.


English instruction master and doctoral program

The Department provides English instruction master and doctoral programs, which has been “recommended” by 2012 College English academic degree courses of Ministry of Education. The program receives foreign students and is taught in English. Also, we also encourage national students with good English ability to attend in the program to increase English ability and international experiences though the opportunity of attending classes with foreign students.